Storms and Blazes

Photo by Eugene Triguba on Unsplash

This past weekend was filled with lightening, thunder, hail, floods and fire. You would have thought the apocalypse was happening!! It all started Friday morning when the rain began and continued nonstop. That night would bring the lightening show that would stay with us all through Saturday and into Sunday. Saturday morning would bring with it hail that was large enough to wake me up out of a drunken sleep the next morning. Continuing throughout the day were alarms warning about tornadoes and flooding around the area. The rain was constant and the thunder was soothing, but a lot of people were trapped at home from the surrounding floods. I believe 2 children were killed from the flooding.. a boy of 6 and a boy of 12. Sad day…

Saturday evening was met with the hellish events. I’m driving towards the city across the river when I happen to look at the sky which was covered in dense, black fog. At first I thought it was the storm clouds and they just happened to look like Satan was razing from the depths of hell to lay torment on the people.
Kind of nerve wracking to say the least…

I cross the bridge nervously then turn left around a building and lo and behold a great, black cloud of smoke was pouring from the ground 3 miles from where my car was, and I was heading directly towards it. This, I imagined, was Satan’s ground zero and there was nothing I could do to change course. I guess I could have, but I was more ready to just get to my Mamaw’s and take a bath.

Anyways, fast forward 3 miles and I see what is causing the scene of smoke. An elementary school was COMPLETELY engulfed in flames. The entire school. THE ENTIRE SCHOOL. In flames.

This obviously is not a school. It is for dramatic effect Photo by Thomas Ehling

There were people on the side walks parallel with the school watching the scene as fire fighters and police were trying to fight the beast. They had water raining on high using shower plus the weather just so happened to be on their side. Fire fighters were everywhere using the truck hoses to knock out the roaring flames and they were doing good to keep it controlled.
Driving past, I could feel the heat from the building which was roughly 50 yards from the road I was driving on. It was absolutely intense.

The fire apparently started around 3:30pm and I drove past it at 7:15pm when the building was engulfed. I left Mamaw’s at 9:30pm and the flames were still burning the building, but it wasn’t near like it was before. I drove back past at 11:15pm and there were embers, but no longer standing flames. The next day I pass it once again around 10:45am and there is still smoke rising from the ground.
I never knew how long building fires lasted, but I question it no longer. That thing lasted damn near 24 hours.

The fire was the most exciting event that took place in the city this last weekend. I do feel bad for the teachers and students because that is a lot of people without work or education. The specific elementary had a large populace I can only wonder where the school board will separate them.

The storm broke Monday morning with the sun shining and not a cloud in sight. Though tragedy struck and wonders were had as this weekend wrapped up. I hope everyone else had a calmer weekend than we did.

Photo by Marko Blažević on Unsplash

The Possibilities

Well…it appears I have a chance to leave the hellhole in which I currently reside.

I can’t tell you how happy that makes me, but it can only happen if I hop on it and get everything I need turned in to the right hands.

A job in my hometown has opened up which means this is my chance to go back to my family and friends whom I miss every single day. I spend so much time alone that it has become natural and I can’t even imagine how amazing it will be to have a social life again. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

I never truly knew how depressed I actually was…just imagine if I don’t get the job…

At least I’ll have graduate school to fall back on while I waste my another year of my life in this shithole town. On the bright side, they finally opened up a coffee shop! That’s been the most exciting thing to happen since that guitarist played a live concert in the Walmart parking lot a few weeks ago. I say “concert”, but it was more a homeless man playing for money so don’t get over excited. It wasn’t magical.

On another note, I beat Devil May Cry 5 last night! That game was AWESOME! You best believe I’ll be playing it through again beefing up Dante and Nero. Either that, or I’ll finally start Detroit: Become Human. I wasn’t expecting that game to win so many awards like it did and since I’ve already played God of War, RDR 2, and Farcry 5/New Dawn, I figured this would be the next best thing. At least until Rage 2 comes out

Just in case you were curious, definitely a PS4 kind of guy, but don’t worry. I have an Xbox and laptop just in case.

Writing Books among other things

So I have decided to write a book. Is it an extraordinary book where the protagonist is stuck on the neck of a fire breathing dragon flying rapidly through the sky all for him to jump from his precarious position for the final strike only to be met with the gnashing mouth of the dragon that chews him up and brings him to his untimely demise?


Instead I am writing about a man with cancer and his trials and tribulation. I’ll eventually release it on Wattpad if curiosity gets the best of you. If you want to see earlier, more lame works go ahead and pop on over to Wattpad and look up “conducivecomic”. I’m sure you will find it!

The “among other things” is that I started reading WAY too many books and I don’t know when I’ll finish. Among these books include:

  1. Pet Sematary- Stephen King
  2. The Tommyknockers- Stephen King
  3. Horns- Joe Hill
  4. Lucky- Alice Sebold
  5. A Flame Divine- written by SparrowsOfSonder (Wattpad) *recommend
  6. Dark Tower VI- Stephen King
  7. To Kill a Mockingbird- Harper Lee

Now you may be thinking that I this is just a reading list. Well you’re wrong… I actually decided to start reading these all at the same time and wouldn’t ya know it I’m actually able to do it. Sometimes I love my brain, but this is extremely intimidating now that I’ve written it out…


Time to Test

Are you curious about what I look like? Well let me tell you, I look exactly like my profile picture. That’s right!! I look exactly like three penguins! Wrap your mind around that!!

Fine, I don’t look like that at all. I am actually an average human. 5’10”, brown wavy hair, brownish hazel eyes, neither pasty nor tan skin, and nothing exotic like freckles or dimples. I’m just a plain John Doe….exciting I know..

Ehh, so it is testing time at the middle school where I teach. This means no rehearsals for 3 entire weeks! Which isn’t a good thing!! We have a concert coming up and I can’t so much as play a single note all the way up until the concert! I sure hope these kids make it to the after school rehearsals that I have no way of reminding them of. Stressful stressful stressful…This testing thing is slightly annoying. Last year I hung out in the gym for three hours with my buddy Kyle (basketball/softball coach) and those three weeks really helped the stress with not having rehearsals. Kyle is a cool dude that has very similar interests to mine. This year I get to hangout with 13 IEP students working on their math. Which also means they better like the Lion King because I’ll be DAMNED if I watch Coco everyday for two weeks. I could watch the Lion King a million times and never tire of it. That movie is fantastic!

Well I can tell you right now there won’t be many photos added to this blog site. I can try, but I’m not a photographer so no guarantees. If that turns you away then good riddance. If I can’t sway you with words then why am I even here? My personality is in these words so if you can’t enjoy this then we should probably never meet. I’m really this real life..can you imagine??


Let’s get started with this first…the title of my blog has nothing to do with my actual blog. I’m just not good with titles so hopefully this sticks! Anyways, being my first blog, I’ll assume I am not alone in having zero idea what to write about so let me go with life.

I….currently live alone in a city where I know no one. You know what that means??? No horror movies for this guy basically. Being a man and living alone can be freeing…but damn is it lonely! GEEZ! Sure I can do whatever I want whenever I want, I can watch whatever I want, I can eat whatever I want and it just doesn’t matter. Sounds great right?? Well it is! Though, I think I would much prefer someone to listen to. I could use a roommate, but I don’t think it will happen. Not here anyways…lame

Are you entertained yet? …yea neither am I

So here is something unique about me…I play the french horn. Been doing it for 14 years and I wish I could be in an orchestra, but it appears I decided to be a teacher. Teaching isn’t that bad, though I just prefer performing. Being there on the stage, lights on you raising the temperature 20 degrees, that nervous feeling right before the tuning note, and the sense of pride that comes with just being an instrumentalist. I graduated college a couple years ago and haven’t had the opportunity to perform with a big ensemble since. There are small performances here and there, but nothing like performing with an orchestra. As a teacher, I get to conduct which is a performance in and of itself, but it isn’t the same as the dream that I have. That dream being to be a conductor of a symphony orchestra. Don’t get me wrong I love the kids I work with, but I would much prefer leading a group of full grown men and women and not babysitting. It would also give me the opportunity to perform in groups and the local college where I would hopefully have a job. I start my masters in June so hopefully my dream will be realized very soon.

I think that’s good enough for a first blog. Hope you enjoyed!